X-ray Baggage Scanner

X-ray Baggage Scanner adopts top level material identification technology. Based on the effective atomic number of the inspected material, the equipment can discriminate organics/in-organics/mixtures and color the image to make it easier for the operator to identify. It can also help to detect out drugs and explosive powder. We adopt advanced industrial design concept to make appearance more simple and beautiful.

Clear Image

Resolution and penetration has reached the top level.

Low Leakage Radiation Dose

The radiation dose surrounding the equipment approximates to natural safety level and in full compliance with all international radiation safety requirements and external emissions limits.

TIP Function

Threaten image projection function, enhance the operator’s image recognition ability in training and assessment.

Image Enlargement and Free Selection Function 

The equipment can achieve image enlargement progressively, continuously, partially etc. Also, by combining to navigation map function, it can make image enlargement more convenient and efficient.

Image Format Conversion Function

The image can be converted to JPG, BMP, GIF, etc formats and transferred to the USB storage device at the same time.

Special Design

The design of keyboard, image display and human-computer interaction interface are based on human body engineering principle, improving the usability of the equipment.

Fast Diagnosis and Maintenance

Modular design and test diagnosis function of the key components such as the X-ray source, detectors array, professional keyboard, making fault diagnosis and maintenance of the equipment more accurate and faster.

 Excellent Image Processing Functions

High-energy Penetration Function

Enhance contrast of the materials difficult to penetrate so as to detect objects hiding under the materials.

 Enhancement Function

Image enhancement function achieves the best contrast of whole image, making the easy-penetrate and difficult-penetrate materials display on the screen at the same time.

Image Enlargement Function variable zoom, 1-64 times enlargement, support continuous enlargement

Rejection Function of Organic Materials and Inorganic Materials

Organic rejection: under this function, organic materials will be shown in black and white, the inorganic materials including the one covered by organic materials and mixture will be shown in blue and green.

Inorganic rejection: under this function, inorganic materials will be shown in black and white, the organic materials including the one covered by inorganic materials and mixture will be shown in orange and green.   

Image Storage Function

Save images automatically to review conveniently.